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  • Jeans sales skills      2017-4-12

    Jeans are all year round clothing, can reflect the beauty of the line, give people a sense of youthful vitality. Jeans are loved by people at low prices. But people's body shape is different, the clerk should be based on the specific circumstances of the customer shopping guide.1, the normal figureNormal size choice of...

  • Long jeans must keep the original edge      2017-4-12

    Buy pants, pants are generally long, so many times need to shorten the pants. However, not as ordinary as direct jeans pants cut fold one side on the line, the side leg jeans should keep water, or do not have the kind of authentic, never put on before the good-looking, especially large brand jeans, no pants on the side...

  • How to identify true and false indigo denim fabric      2017-4-11

    A large part of the jeans value depends on the quality of indigo denim fabric, is a traditional cowboy color, indigo denim fabric is really with natural or synthetic indigo dyes and dyeing; due to the interests of the trend, many manufacturers also use sulfur dyes, vat dyes and direct dyes dyeing imitation. So how to i...

  • On the back of the jeans leather label      2017-4-11

    There are many features of the jeans, double arc is representative of the Levis and the red flag after the bag, and almost all the jeans in the back waist belt set where there is a name card the size of the skin, feel quite a personality, a brand of jeans are not the same, only a handful of friends the waist leather st...

  • You are suitable for the five types of jeans      2017-4-11

    The general friend should be when buying jeans, clear the waist level. Of course, some netizens as long as you can also wear them, as is the low or high waist, may simply not notice. We can think of your pants, should be this: high waist pants, waist pants, pants. In fact, if you are careful, it is not difficult to fin...

  • Detailed jeans production process      2017-4-10

    The General Assembly adopted in the production of sewing jeans, including the design of the entire production process design, specification and production technology, production process inspection, material discharging, paving, cutting, sewing, washing, drying, ironing and shaping etc. also includes. The following is t...

  • The original single, more than a single, jeans, etc. after single lexical instruction      2017-4-10

    We contact with foreign brands in jeans, are often confused by some of the key words: the original single goods, smuggled goods, goods, inventory, not bad, more than a single foreign trade, foreign trade goods, the documentary last single, chasing a single product specification and other goods on the Internet, with a l...

  • Details of the jeans style      2017-4-7

    Details of the jeans styleJeans styles, have crushed the effect, wash the old style, color effect, cat style, bleaching effect, embroidery, printing, sanding effect is worn. Many people do not understand the various styles of jeans, and now to give you a detailed introduction.1 the effect of wear, this is used in jeans...