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  • Take Action for Cheap Fashion Jeans on hot sale now      2012-11-15

    At first time wholesale jeans was introduced to the world, only rich and private individuals can afford to buy. But as of now, most individuals even the ones who didn't normally wear jeans can choose several styles as they wish. Consumers can also guarantee quality brands of China Wholesale Jean as they op to purchase ...

  • Wholesale Fashion Jeans from China      2012-11-15

    The China Wholesale Jean is tighter than a straight leg cut. Instead of going straight down from thigh to ankle, the skinny cut tapers in even tighter at the ankle for a super snug fit. Made of pure denim, these jeans are true jeans meaning that due to their very narrow cut, they can be the ultimate challenge to get on...

  • MEYIDALE CLOTHING CO.,LTD      2012-10-19


  • The new website is online       2012-10-19

    The new website is online

  • Company Profile      2012-10-22

    Meyidale Trade co.,Ltd is a professional clothing textiles manufacturer in China . Since our company established, we have developed from a small enterprise into a comprehensive group, integrating the R&D, manufacture ,accept OEM brand working and international trade, men's fashion jeans, women's fashion jeans and k...