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  • Wear a good figure is very simple, the key to choose the type of jeans      2016-12-29

    Want to wear a good figure as long as you know about dress skills, that is actually very simple, as long as the election of the jeans type can be. Don't look down upon this pants type selection. Jeans are fashionable magic is very simple, a little sense of design jeans let you wear a good figure can make you even more ...

  • 4 trick to get jeans maintenance and washing      2016-12-29

    Mothers often against the baby jeans to worry about, because the baby is very playful, often the original handsome dirty jeans, because they are not good at maintenance jeans, denim easily lead to deformation, looking very distressed jeans! More difficult to maintain, once dirty, it is difficult to clean, but the baby'...

  • How to match the distinctive character of the hole      2016-12-28

    After these years of development from the tattered jeans at first low-key wear, the patch to the big hole, now canbai bear, has not faded from the popular stage. If you are not willing to publicize the mediocrity of the family, and how they will miss the unique mix of broken jeans.Black sweater + black jeans + Oxford s...

  • How to match men's broken jeans      2016-12-28

    How do men's jeans match? Many men have one or two holes in the wardrobe of jeans, jeans are more casual than ordinary jeans. However, there are also broken hole jeans with their skills, with a good will expose their weaknesses.A demonstration: collocation hole jeans + short sleeved shirt + T-shirtShort sleeved shirt +...

  • What is the correct way to wash jeans      2016-12-27

    What is the correct way to wash jeans jeans? If washing is not proper, it would be easy to deform and fade. If you do not know how to properly wash the MM to look at the small series recommended.1, finishing into the water.That is to say, in the cleaning of new jeans, first jeans, and put all the zippers, buttons faste...

  • To pair women’s printed jeans with right garments      2016-12-29

    Printed jeans are new trend, especially for women, unique and very versatile! You can pair your printed jeans with a lot of garments to look stunning. Here are some ideas that can help you to wear the right garments with women’s printed jeans. These tips can also help you to sport a different look every day b...

  • Let you no longer afraid of couldn't find the right pair of jeans      2013-7-12

    Men's denim follows an analogous trend higher, but not too high. Fellows, women, large if not small, the latest trends in men and women jeans were created flatter. When having to the latest much, opt for big, bold decorating into the pockets of China Wholesale Jean to come up with your curves vivacity. Uteron Pharma...

  • Many things you should know about Chinese fashion wholesale markets      2013-7-11

    Meyidaleclothing Import & Export Co., Limited is a professional supplier of all kinds of jeans, pants, skirts, shorts and other denim apparel. We emphasize high quality standards with competitive prices, as we insist on the use of a quality assurance process that includes China Wholesale Jean standards in line and ...